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Enjoy The Ride, it’s one of a kind!

The Moto Ranch at Croom truly is “one of a kind”! It is the only piece of private property located within the Croom Motorcycle Area that offers guests a unique place to stay and experience, along with all the amenities and creature comforts of home, located right in the middle of 2600 acres of dirt bike heaven.   

We welcome each and every one of you to come stay at the Moto Ranch at Croom. Experience what we have worked very hard to create. It’s our honor to have you stay with us.  Enjoy the Ride!

We Love To Provide New Adventure Themed Experiences.

Our goal is to provide a place that compliments the great job the State of Florida has done with Croom, and provide our guests a unique place to relax and unwind after whatever their adventures are for the day. Whether it’s riding dirt bikes or ATV’s, riding horses, enjoying the Withlacoochee River and surrounding area, or for a special event, the Moto Ranch at Croom is the place to stay, right in the middle of everything. 

A Little History...

How was the company started?

One day Pete and I were headed up to Croom to do some riding… like we have many times over the years. As we were driving in we saw a “For Sale By Owner” sign at the end of what looked like a driveway. 

We kind of looked at each other and said “Is there a house back there?” We decided to keep driving back to the parking area and check it out when we were leaving.

After riding for the afternoon, we packed up the truck and started driving out. When we got to the FSBO sign, we turned around and drove down the driveway. Since Pete and I already have several properties that are short term rentals, as soon as we saw there were two houses and a travel trailer on five acres of land in the middle of Croom, we looked at each other, and immediately said, “We have to buy this!”! We knew it would make a great destination for a vacation rental. 

We climbed back in the truck and started driving out to the sign we saw out on the main road… I believe we had named the place “Moto Ranch at Croom” before we ever got to the sign to be able to call the owner at the time.

Being able to mix both of our passions for the real estate business, and for racing and riding really is a dream come true for both of us. Being two friends and lifelong real estate pros, that manage multiple short term rentals, that both ride/race motorcycles, ATVs and jet skis; to stumble across a property for sale in the middle of Croom Motorcycle Area on a random Saturday afternoon, it’s just too serendipitous!

Make Memories In Comfort. Let's Ride

What Can You Expect From Us?

Our inspiration was the fact that we are both real estate guys that already have multiple short term rentals, and also have raced and ridden motorcycles, ATVs and jet skis all our lives. We were finally able to mix one passion together with the other.

Another inspiration was the fact that the only facilities available to stay inside Croom is their campground. Additionally there is no TV, WIFI, drinking and pets are not allowed. In the area outside of Croom there are a couple hotels but a lot of people’s things can potentially get stolen when they stay there, and they have to pack up every morning and night and leave Croom and come back in to go ride, which is a huge inconvenience and hassle.

We are now offering comfortable places to stay with all the amenities… satellite TV, WIFI, you can drink if you’re 21, fenced yards, and you can bring your dogs, all right inside the park. You do not have to leave CMA, you do not have to pack up your bikes and gear during your stay, and we have wash stations, a pool for those staying in the houses, a fire pit, pergolas, grills, etc.


Experienced Hosts

We've been at this for a while and know how to make your stay amazing.


Flexible Accommodations

We work with you to make sure you get what you need for a memorable stay.


Local Tips

We put together an AREA GUIDE for all of your needs.


Suitable for large groups

You and 27 friends can take over the entire 5 Acre Moto Ranch!


Area Ride Maps

Offering you valuable and downloadable trail guides and maps on our awesome individual Area Guide pages.

A Great Time

We make memories here at the Moto Ranch at Croom. Come experience the ride!

Hello MOTO

Get to know a little bit about the two friends that stumbled across a property for sale in the middle of Croom Motorcycle Area on a random Saturday afternoon and started it all!

Co-founder and Owner

PETER Kucinski

I believe it’s safe to say that motorsports has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a young man.  It started with me coming to Florida on vacation walking Ft. Meyer’s Beach and stumbling across a jet ski race.  I noticed a young competitor that looked about the same age as me. I honed in on him and watched him go compete and knew, if he could do it, so could I. I could not run fast enough to the local convenience store to go buy a jet ski magazine and fall in love with this form of motorsport.  

This led me to 20+ years of racing jet skis and allowed me to branch out to several other motorsports such as dirt bikes and ATV’s.  It’s safe to say that I am truly passionate about this and to be able to acquire a place like the Moto Ranch at Croom that allows myself along with all our guests to have a place to share and grow this passion that truly makes me happy.

I have over 30+ years in the hospitality and tourism industry and have held an active Florida Real Estate License for over 20+ years. I take tourism and hospitality very seriously, and incorporate what I’ve learned each day in my personal life and other business ventures to heart.

The Moto Ranch at Croom was a great fit when we came across the opportunity. I know that it will be a place where families and friends can create memories that will last a lifetime.

I welcome each and every one of you to come stay at the Moto Ranch at Croom. Experience what we have worked very hard to create. It’s our honor to have you stay with us.  Enjoy the Ride!

Co-founder and Owner

Brent Venderley

I started riding dirt bikes at the age of 8, racing at the age of 10, and then my real estate career at the age of 25 after seeing “one of those infomercials”. Riding and racing motorcycles has always been one of my passions, and eventually the real estate business came in alongside.

After buying, renting and managing 40+ units in Fort Wayne, IN, in 2006 I decided to move to Florida’s sunnier and warmer climate. I brought my midwestern work ethic and real estate experience to the sunshine state, and continued my real estate career, focusing on renovating foreclosed and abandoned houses, and turning them into beautiful homes for their future families.

About the same time I went from racing motorcycles to racing jet skis. Being in Florida, I realized I could race jet skis, get the same “fix” as motorcycle racing, but be on the beach and in the sun. 

This is how Pete and I met, through the jet ski racing world, and both realized that we had a lot in common with a mutual passion for both motorsports and the real estate business. Eventually through our racing friendship and common real estate endeavors, Pete convinced me to turn one of my rental homes into an “Airbnb”. That is when I entered into the hospitality and vacation rental industry, and fell in love!

Fast forward to 2022 and that random Saturday afternoon. That day, Pete and I stumbled across what was to become the Moto Ranch at Croom while taking a day off and riding at CMA. On that day, two of the passions in my life merged… motorsports and real estate! 

The minute I saw those five private acres for sale, right in the middle of Croom, I knew I was made for this adventure. A lifetime of racing and being in the motorcycle and jet ski racing community, along with 25+ years of real estate experience collided at that moment. 

After riding and racing the majority of my life, decades of real estate experience and property management under my belt, my home renovation experience, then transitioning into the hospitality and the vacation rental industry; I intimately know what the Moto Ranch at Croom guests want, because it is what I want when I am staying at our one of a kind motorcycle/ATV heaven. 

I love providing great places, and unique personal vacation experiences for our guests, in Florida’s paradise, and striving to be a 5 star host. The Moto Ranch at Croom makes that so very easy!

Stay inside our 5 acres compound and ride Croom Motorcycle Area’s trails that are right outside our gates. You’ll have all the amenities of home without ever leaving Croom!


Adventure awaits.

Stay inside our 5 acre moto ranch compound and ride Croom Motorcycle Area’s trails that are right outside our gates. You’ll have all the amenities of home without ever leaving Croom!